noun: realism; noun: Platonic realism
1 1. the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.

Realism and super-realism, to me, are the back bones of most art forms, for instance, you cannot draw a head design without seeing the real thing first. Same goes with the style, without the proper reference material you won’t be able to reproduce the life like and realistic look to a drawing, that being said it takes years of endless practice to perfect the style and masters like Leonardo and Michael Angelo spent their lives perfecting the art of realism and accurate reproductions of everyday things as well as amazing sculptures that made stone come alive and made it seem even if just for a moment, real!

When I do portraits or a realistic piece I try and get as much of the necessary information in the tattoo or art piece as possible, to translate the picture I’m busy with the best and in the most accurate way possible.

For instance, if you have to paint the Mona Lisa and you get the mouth wrong, is it the Mona Lisa? No. All these little details have to be put in accurately to portray the exact picture you are trying to copy or produce.

I always remember the words of one artist (Otto Adendorff – Amazing realism artist that painted amazing oil scenery and animals) he told me once, when my grandmother had taken me to their house while growing up, to draw what I see and not what I thought I saw.

It wasn’t until much later whilst doing a copy of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s pieces that I grasped what he told me so many years back. Our eyes are the best tools as they see everything as it is, all the information is there, you just need to look. I’ve been living off that principle ever since that day and I’ve always passed that little 10c worth of information onto any artist willing to listen.

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