Neo Traditional Tattoos

Anyone familiar or interested in tattooing has come across or heard of traditional tattoos, which has been around for nearly a century. We have seen different subject matter being used in this style like boats, mermaids, swallows, etc. These traditional tattoos typically consist of bold outlines and minimal tinting with basic colours such as red, brown, yellow, green and blue.    

 This “new” traditional style is where the past and the future meet. Neo-traditional tattoos are a revival of the traditional style of tattooing. Combining the bold lines of the traditional style, smooth gradients in colour and shading of a more modern contemporary art, making Neo-traditional vibrant and full of definition.

Using diverse subject matter, this new take on traditional tattooing changes the old, flat 2-dimensional design into a more lively, detailed piece of art. Neo-traditional can be merged with different styles to create a unique custom design, artists are constantly looking to push the envelope and contribute to this art form. So get down to your local tattoo studio and get talking to your artist! 

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