Favourite Artists – Nathan Phillips

When talking about my favourite artist it comes without saying that i have admired Leonardo Da Vinci since I can remember, I have reproduced his pieces countless times overtime trying to get it just right and just the way he would do it. I even taught myself to write backwards and sometimes even upside down.

I had countless sketchbooks filled with reproductions of his pieces, especially the Vitruvian Man, that always fascinated and intrigued me with its perfect proportions and Fibonacci and Golden Ratio equations all fit into one drawing!

But besides the old masters, there have been many artists that have come along in time that I have looked up to and admired, such as Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Chuck Close, Boris Vallejo and most of the 50’s pin-up artists, especially Alberto Vargas. But besides all of those painters/geniuses there are a couple of tattoo artists today that I admire, people that have pushed the boundaries of the art form to an extent where it should be called the “ultimate art,” such as Ralf Nonnweiler, Bob Tyrell, Jeff Gogue only to name a few.

But right here in our own backyard we have some of the best artists in the world and to name a few in mind; the guys from Fallen Heroes, The Black Lodge, Body Architects, Sleight of Hand and even the guys in our own studio have pushed boundaries far and beyond and they are still setting the bar.

But let’s get back to the question at hand; out of all of them, I admire my friend and co-owner of our shop, George Georgiou, the most. This man has grown into one of South Africa’s best tattoo artists, in my opinion, and dare I re-coin the phrase the new “Human Photocopier,” sorry Bob.

But to say the least, George can do just about anything he sets his mind to, he is as stubborn and as persistent as a badger, has the patience of a church bench and the eyes of Iris the Egyptian. But with all of that said he is by far the most versatile and most consistent tattoo artist I know and it’s an absolute honour to work with this man that I call my ‘other’ brother!

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