Favourite Artist – Josh Kitshoff

So obviously I love Leonardo and Michelangelo (not the ninja turtles, I like them too but that’s out of context for this blog). All of the classic artists really inspired me with their perfected techniques and compositions, they really were geniuses.

Not to mention the freaky Mr. Salvador Dali, who combined these traditional techniques with his amazing creative capabilities to create something crazy and untouched by any other artist.

These artists really did something that communicated to me on more levels than just aesthetics, I learnt a lot from them but at the end of the day I learnt the most from a local artist, really.

Anmy Kitshoff, she is the MOST creative person I know, able to make anything beautiful out of pretty much nothing. She’s a hairdresser, interior decorator, a sculptor and an ambidextrous all round badass artist.

Her party trick is to literally draw you with both her hands! She is also my mother. The most patient teacher and the most humble creator I know, Anmy is definitely on the top of my list.

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