Favourite Artist – Charl Steyn

Trying to choose a favourite artist is a pretty tough one. In today’s day and age there are so many amazing artists with unique styles putting out amazing work daily. With the diversity in tattooing and arts in general I can’t say I have a favourite artist but more a whole bunch of people I find inspiring.

Life (things and people I come into contact daily) is very inspiring and if I see something cool or hear something interesting any random person had to say, I might feel I can use it and I will make a drawing or tattoo about the specific idea it gives.

My love for astronomy will always inspire a lot of the drawings or tattoos I do, so I have that going for me. Other than all the different things that inspire me I do have a few people that I look up to and really love learning from.

All the people here at Humdinger Tattoo Emporium have amazing styles and flavours they bring to the table, and I learn and get inspired by them every single time I’m at work. They are truly some of the most creative people I know.

Internationally known artists such as Salvador Dali, Susanne König, Angelique Houtkamp, James Jean, Kirk Jones are/were super good at what they do and they are some of the people that inspire me the most.

I love what they do, always doing new mind blowing pieces of art!  So I have a lot of ‘favourite’ artists and ‘things’ that hopefully brings out the best in me!

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